Mission/Vision/Core Values



"To maximize contributions and pay relevant benefits in a timely manner through good governance and quality customer service from an empowered staff, cutting edge technology, and prudent fund management."

We are committed to the prudent management of the NIS to ensure the:

  • Delivery of Relevant Benefits;
  • Fund sustainability;
  • Confidence of Customers;
  • Empowerment of Employees.



"To efficiently deliver social protection through a sustainable and innovative National Insurance System."

In pursuing this vision of excellence, the NIBTT shall ensure:

  • Valid benefits are paid on time;
  • Suitable investments are actively pursued in achieving the Actuarial Review targets;
  • A positive corporate image is created of the NIBTT;
  • Implementation of appropriate governance, structure, systems and processes;
  • Employees are properly equipped to carry out the mission of the NIBTT.

Core Values


Customers Satisfaction

We recognise that meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers must guide our decision-making and behaviour.


We are a company that is trusted by our stakeholders.

Service Delivery

We are committed to timely, high quality service.

Mutual Respect

We value and respect each other as persons, professionalsm and team members subscribing to the same mission, vision and values.


We are honest, open, clear and timely in communicating and conducting our business affairs with each other, our customers and business associates.


We are committed to high standards of personal and professional integrity and ethical behavior.


We strive to be fair and equitable in our treatment of all customers.


We are committed to protecting the assets and ensuring the best interests of NIBTT and will avoid doing anything to tarnish its reputation and corporate image.


We promote collaborative development as we work, learn and strive for excellence together.

Employee Development and Recognition

We support and value our employees whose commitment and drive demonstrate a loyalty to the NIBTT's traditions of yesterday and the vision of tomorrow.




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