Pension Ready Initiative of The National Insurance Board of Trinidad and Tobago


Preparing for retirement with the NIBTT.


Ensure that all your contributions are complete and accurate.

To do this -

  • Update or correct your registration information by downloading and completing the NI 165 form.
  • Submit the signed completed form to any of our Service Centres.


Pension Ready Packages

The Pension Ready Packages will be made up of -

A personal statement of your NI Contributions

A brochure on NI Retirement Benefit

A feedback letter offering opportunity to

      - update your NI Registration Record (add  your  Birth Certificate PIN);

      - give feedback on agreement statements of NI Contributions;

      - opportunity to submit documents to support employment/contributions.

Historical Contribution Statement;

NI 182 for updating personal details;

Check list of attachments (link to attachment);
Where contribution data is missing or incorrect, customers must enclose the following in the Pension Ready envelope.

Certified documents;

Attach all documents to the checklist. Envelopes must be sealed and placed in designated drop off points.


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Use of National Insurance Forms
Whenever  you perform National Insurance functions under the National Insurance Act or Regulations, you must accurately complete the specific National Insurance forms that are designed so that you can give all the information required.

All of these forms are available FREE of charge at any National Insurance Service Centre or are downloadable.





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