Revised NIS Proof of Life Process


Persons receiving long term National Insurance Benefits including the Retirement Pension, Invalidity Benefit, Disablement Pension, Survivor’s and Death benefits have been required to submit Life Certificates to the NIB semi-annual as proof of life to avoid interruption of their benefit payments.

At the end of the current Life Certificate Cycle, which ends tomorrow, 26th June 2015, a new system will be introduced for recipients of these benefits who reside in Trinidad and Tobago.

This new system will eliminate the need to provide Life Certificates on a semi-annualbasis. As such;

1. Residents of Trinidad and Tobago, both nationals and non-nationals, will no longer be required to submit a Life Certificate twice per year.

2. Beneficiaries who have not yet submitted a life certificate are required to do so now to be part of the new system.

3. Beneficiaries living overseas, that is, non-residents of Trinidad and Tobago, must continue to submit Life Certificates on a semi-annual basis.

The Life Certificate system was established years ago to ensure that beneficiaries were alive to receive their benefits.

As part of the NIB’s new customer service thrust is the movement toward an automated proof of life system for long term beneficiaries and in this regard, NIB has been working with the Ministry of Legal Affairs and the Ministry of the People and Social Development.

A computerized exchange of data will provide the information necessary to determine the continuation or termination of benefit payments, thereby relieving persons of the need to provide Life Certificates on a semi-annual basis.

This new system will be particularly meaningful to beneficiaries residing in Trinidad and Tobago.


Life Certificates FAQs


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