NIBTT Release- National Youth Productivity Forum on Pension Security

Students Encouraged to Research Pension Security through NYPF

The National Insurance Board of Trinidad and Tobago (NIBTT) joined with AMCHAM T&T and other sponsors to educate 4th and 6th form students on the topic, “An aging population and pension security…toward a more productive Trinidad and Tobago” through the 11th annual National Youth Productivity Forum (NYPF). Students from secondary schools throughout the country engaged in spirited dialogue and intense research on a topic which, ordinarily, may not have been considered by their demographic for the next four (4) decades or more. Speaking to the audience which largely comprised students and teachers, NIBTT’s Executive Director, Mrs. Niala Persad-Poliah stated that, “the NIBTT remains committed to the nation’s youth and to your development. The NIBTT sees you as an important stakeholder as you will form part of the next working generation and it is vital that we work to ensure that you are educated and empowered with a keen understanding of issues that go beyond mere academic achievement”. This year, 120 students of 24 secondary schools, took part in the NYPF over the past 6 weeks, culminating in the finals on March 4th at the UTT Valsayn Campus.

Looking at the topic through the lenses of four (4) perspectives, Government, Business, Labour and Civil Society, students of Vessigny Secondary School, Cowen Hamilton Secondary, Presentation College Chaguanas and ASJA Girls' College San Fernando, respectively, emerged victorious at the NYPF as they went head-to-head with their peers on the most pressing issues surrounding regarding pension security. These winners were awarded $1000.00 from title sponsor, First Citizens Bank, through Neo Accounts and students also have the opportunity to intern at the NIBTT and member companies of AMCHAM T&T over the upcoming July/August vacation. Winners of the project component of the NYPF, Woodbrook Secondary, was awarded $5000.00 toward the implementation of their specially designed App, while their teacher, who led the team to victory in the project, was awarded $3000.00. As a driver of the theme for this year's installment of the NYPF, the NIBTT was pleased to work alongside AMCHAM T&T, and other sponsors, to bring the very important issue of pension security to the forefront of our nation's youth.

Winning NYPF schools: Students of Vessigny Secondary, Presentation College Chaguanas, ASJA Girls’ College San Fernando and Cowen Hamilton Secondary School, are flanked by their teachers and CEO of AMCHAM T&T. Mr. Nirad Tewarie and Mrs. Niala Persad-Poliah, Executive Director, NIBTT. The students participated in the National Youth Productivity Forum debating the topic, "An aging population and pension security…toward a more productive Trinidad and Tobago”.