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 When did the increased benefit payments come into effect?
The last increased benefit payments was implemented from March 4, 2013.
 How long must a man and woman have been living together to be considered in a common law relationship?
There is a 3 year co-habitation period to allow a common law spouse to qualify for survivors’ benefits.
 What is required to qualify for Invalidity benefit?
Invalidity benefit has been de-linked from Sickness Benefit and a minimum of 150 contributions are required in the last 3 years, or 250 contributions in the last 7 years or 750 contributions. The applicant must be under age of 60.
What is required to qualify for a Funeral Grant?
For funeral grant, the insured must have made a minimum of twenty-five contributions while engaged in insurable employment.
 What is required to qualify for Survivors’ benefit?
Survivors’ benefit shall be paid on the death of an insured person who, having died otherwise than by way of employment injury, had made a minimum of fifty contributions to the National Insurance System. Survivors’ benefit is paid to a widow, widower, child, step-child, orphan or a dependant parent of the deceased insured person. For additional information, see Survivors’ Benefit pages.
 If one is a step relation e.g. Step-child, step-mother, step-father, of the deceased am I entitled to claim any benefits?
Yes effective from May 03, 1999.
 What is the Minimum Retirement Pension Paid?
As of March 4,- 2013 it is $3000.00.
 Why must the deceased have made 50 contributions for the survivor to qualify for a benefit?
The survivors benefit is a long term benefit and requires a longer period of insurance.
 Why am I not receiving a pension in the highest class even though all my contributions were made in the highest class?
With the amendments to the National Insurance System in 1980 and 1999, respectively, contribution and benefit classes have shifted from their original levels. See the 1999 Amendments page for further information.
 Why would the Board pay my late claim for survivors benefit from the date of receipt instead of the date of contingency?
Because benefit may be in payment for other persons who qualify under the legislation. This rule allows for an orderly transfer of benefit payments.
 If my husband had received a retirement grant, when he dies, am I entitled to survivors benefit?
 If my employer pays me full pay while I was on maternity leave. Am I entitled to claims for maternity benefit and maternity grant?
Yes. As of March 1, 2004, loss of earnings is no longer a criteria for receiving the maternity benefit. You can receive your full salary and receive the maternity benefit up to a maximum of 13 weeks and the maternity grant.
 What is the time frame for submission of claims?
For benefits such as sickness, maternity, employment injury, invalidity, disablement and medical expenses, you have three months from the date the contingency arose to submit your claims. Retirement, Survivors and Death benefits are 12 months.
 What happens if I submit my claims later than the time period?
For claims with the timeline of 3 months you have up to one year to submit with a letter giving good cause. After 12 months the law now states you shall lose your benefit. This is effective March 01, 2004.
 How is the retirement grant computed?
The retirement grant is 3 times the amount paid by the employer and the employee.
 What happens in the case of a person married more than once under the Muslim law?
The first wife is recognised.
 Do legally married persons need an affidavit from immediate family?


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