How To Apply

The unregistered employee or unpaid apprentice is required to provide his employer with all personal particulars necessary for proper Registration by completing the Prescribed Form (NI4 Application to Register as an Employed Person) within seven (7) days of employment.

All fields on the Prescribed  Form NI4 should be completed. However, Registration can be effected, if the mandatory fields are completed.

These mandatory Fields are:

  • Surname
  • First Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Sex
  • Home Address
  • Father’s Name
  • Mother’s Name
  • Marital Status
  • Name and Address of Employer
  • Application Date
  • Signature (if person is no longer employed, will be accepted without signature)


Registration number shown on any one of the following:

  • An Identification Card issued under the Representation of the Peoples Act – National ID Card.
  • Valid Driver’s Permit.
  • Passport

The employer must submit all Prescribed Forms (NI4  Application to Register as an employed Person) to the NIBTT Service Centre within fourteen (14) days of hiring the employee.

Where the employee ceases work prior to completion of the Prescribed Form (NI 4), the employer will: -

  • Complete the Form from his personnel records.
  • Insert the note ‘Completed based on employers records’ at the top of the Form.
  • Submit to the Service Centre for processing


Upon being satisfied that the application for Registration of an employee or unpaid apprentice is in order the NIBTT shall deliver to the employer a N.I. Registration Card for delivery to the employee and or unpaid apprentice and a list of the Registration Number of each employee, or unpaid apprentice, to be retained and used by the employer in doing business with the Board.


Use of National Insurance Forms
Whenever  you perform National Insurance functions under the National Insurance Act or Regulations, you must accurately complete the specific National Insurance forms that are designed so that you can give all the information required.

All forms are available FREE of charge at any National Insurance Service Centre or are downloadable.