Invalidity Benefit

Late Applications

You must apply on time to ensure that you receive your benefit.  Failure to submit your claim to the NIBTT within 6 months of the start of your illness or loss of income can result in you losing  all or part of your benefit.  You may lose any period that is more than 6 months earlier than the date on which the NIBTT receives your claim unless you can show there was good cause for the delay in submission. Your explanation must be submitted in writing. Even with good cause you may still lose your benefit.

Even with good cause, if your claim is made more than 12 months after the start of your illness or loss of earnings, the benefit shall be forfeited.

How Much Will Be Paid?

The value of your Invalidity Benefit will be determined by the average rate of all the contributions you have paid based on the contribution requirements outlined in the section

Who Can Claim.

The earnings class to which this average rate corresponds is the class in which your benefit will be paid.

Where you have paid more than 750 contributions, one increment An Increment is an amount by which the basic pension is increased for each block of 25 contributions paid in excess of 750. will be added to the basic invalidity pension for every block of 25 additional contributions paid in excess of 750. If your invalidity has not ceased by the time you have reached 60 years, you may apply for the retirement pension at age 60 whether or not you have made 750 contributions.

Where you have made less than 750 contributions, including benefit credits, the Retirement Pension will be paid at the same rate as the Invalidity Pension.

Where you have made more than 750 contributions, including benefit credits, your Retirement Pension will be calculated and paid in accordance with the NI Act, and the basic Retirement Pension will be enhanced by increments as applicable.

Where you may have qualified for Invalidity Benefit prior to May 3, 1999 and your incapacity does not cease at age 60 years, you will be paid Retirement Pension, from age 60, in the same amount paid as Invalidity Pension.

Benefit Credits

While you are receiving the Invalidity Benefit you will receive benefit credits from the NIBTT as if you were on the job and contributing to the system. These contributions will be awarded in the same earnings class in which your benefit is paid. The benefit credits will help to ensure that your loss of earnings does not affect your entitlement to the retirement pension.

Invalidity Benefit Part 1



Use of National Insurance Forms
Whenever  you perform National Insurance functions under the National Insurance Act or Regulations, you must accurately complete the specific National Insurance forms that are designed so that you can give all the information required.

All of these forms are available FREE of charge at any National Insurance Service Centre or are downloadable.

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