Special Maternity Grant

What is the Special Maternity Grant?

The Special Maternity Grant extends coverage to persons who would not qualify for a maternity benefit. It is a grant payable to the spouse (whether she is employed, underemployed or unemployed) of an insured man where that spouse is unable to qualify for the Maternity Benefit in her own right.

Who Can Claim?

The spouse of an insured man who is 16 years or older; medically certified as being pregnant for a period of 26 weeks or more by a medical practitioner or registered midwife; or has had a pregnancy of less than 26 weeks that has resulted in a live birth; and who would not have qualified for the benefit in her own right.

To qualify for the benefit the spouse (the insured man) must satisfy the insurability and contribution requirements just as an insured woman who is eligible for the maternity benefit in her own right.

The contributions of the insured man are used to qualify his spouse for the maternity grant. The woman must be the legal spouse or be deemed the common law spouseCommon law spouse are persons who are single and living together at the same address for a period not less than 3 years. of the insured man.

Forms to be completed -

NI13 - Special Maternity Grant Claim Form

NI12A - For multiple Births

NI4 - Application to Register as an Employed Person - to be completed by the unregistered woman

Other Documents

The following documents must accompany your claim:

  • A Marriage Certificate where a legal marriage exists.
  • If you are not legally married - a single affidavit sworn to by both you and your husband attesting to -
  • Your union
  • The duration of your union
  • Your individual marital status
  • Your addresses (both you and your husband)
  • An affidavit from an immediate family member of the father of the child attesting to:
  • The union of the parties,
  • The duration of the union of the parties,
  • The parties individual marital status,
  • The addresses of the parties.
  • A Certified Registration of Birth from the Registrar of Births and Deaths in respect of the child. Where the father's name is not on this document an affidavit sworn to by the father attesting to parentage.
  • Where you (the uninsured woman) are not an insured person you must submit an NI4 the application to be registered as an insured person.
  • Original and copy of a valid PICTURE ID of both the claimant and the person submitting the claim on behalf of the claimant (where applicable) is required for acceptance of the claim.
  • Any supporting affidavit or Deed Poll (where necessary).
  • A Marriage Certificate is required for a married woman who name has changed since her registration.
  • Decree Absolute from divorced men and women.
  • Foreign medical certificates must be accompanied by a letter of authentication in respect of the doctor's status from a member of a Trinidad and Tobago High Commission in the country where medical attention was sought. The responsibility for authenticating the status of the attending doctor rests with the insured.

When to submit?

You may apply for this benefit after your confinement/delivery. However, you must apply within 3 months of the actual date of delivery.

Time Frames:

  • 0 - 3 Months Claim on time and can be accepted
  • 3-12 Months Claim late and may be accepted with good cause
  • 12 Months and over Claim late and shall be disallowed

What is paid?

The special maternity grant consists of a single payment of $3,750.00 per child.


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