Death Benefit Cont'd

How Much Will Be Paid?

The value of the Death Benefit will be determined by the rate of contribution paid by your spouse in the week of his or her death arising out of the injury on the job or to the rate of Employment Injury Benefit that your spouse was receiving.

Payments are made in the following categories: -

A Widow Or Widower’s Pension to a surviving spouse - legal or common law.

A Child Allowance to a dependent child/step-child, adopted child of the deceased insured person. Effective from March 04, 2013 a child will receive a minimum of $600.00 per month.

A Dependent Parent’s Allowance A category of Survivor's or Death Benefit paid for life or until remarriage to the parent(s) is paid to a parent who was wholly or mainly maintained by the deceased insured. Effective March 04, 2013 the dependent parents will each receive a minimum of $300.00 monthly if one parent is alive he or she will receive $600.00 monthly.

For How Long Will The Benefit Be Paid?

Effective 1st March 2004:

  • The Widow is paid for life or until she remarries. The benefit will be stopped upon remarriage. A remarriage grant will then be paid.
  • The widower is paid for life or until he remarries. The benefit will be stopped upon remarriage. A remarriage grant will then be paid. The remarriage grant is equal to 52 weeks of benefit.
  • Children will be paid until age 19 years or until the cessation of disability where the child's disability occurred before 19th birthday provided also that such disabled child is unable to work.

Children must be legally single (unmarried). A stepchild is a child of the surviving spouse who was resident in the home at the time of the death of the insured person and who was wholly or partially maintained by the insured person.

The benefit will also be paid to a child who was in the mother's womb at the time of the father's death.

You will receive an allowance for that child from the first day of the contribution week of date of his or her birth.

The dependant parent will be paid for life or until he or she remarries.

In cases where the benefit is paid to both parents and one parent dies, the total benefit will be paid to the surviving parent.

Remarriage Grant

The Remarriage Grant is a category of Survivor's Benefit. Should you remarry while still receiving your payment as the surviving spouse of a deceased insured person you will be paid a Remarriage Grant.

A lump-sum payment is paid on remarriage of of a person who was in receipt of the widow or widower's pension or Death Benefit equal to 12 months or 52 weeks payment of the particular Survivor's Benefit.

You will no longer receive a pension for yourself but you will continue to receive payments for any dependent children who are still eligible for a child allowance.

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