Disablement Benefit

Disablement Pension

You will receive a disablement pension if your doctor assesses the extent of loss of faculties or disability as 20% and over.

Where your assessment is a multiple of five, for example 25%, it will be treated as the next highest percentage that is a multiple of 10, in this case 30%.

Similarly, where your assessment is not a multiple of five it will be treated as the nearer percentage, which is a multiple of 10. For example, an assessment of 28% will be treated as 30% but an assessment of 24% will be treated as 20%.

If you are receiving a Disablement Pension and are hospitalised for necessary care, your disablement will be assessed as 100% during the period of hospitalisation.

How To Apply?

Submit your claim to the NIBTT Service Centre most convenient to you. There, one of our customer service representatives will accept your claim for processing.

How Much Will Be Paid?

You will be paid a percentage of the Injury Benefit you were receiving based on your Earnings Class. The percentage paid will be the percentage of disability assessed by your doctor.

For How Long Will Disablement Pension Be Paid?

You will receive your benefit for as long as the disability continues. The NIBTT may review a medical assessment of disablement and pay that later assessment if it is different from the earlier one.

Disablement Grant

This benefit is one lump-sum payment made where the extent of disablement is assessed at less than 20%. Where your disablement is assessed at 3% or less, 3% will be paid.

How much will be paid?

The lump-sum payment will be paid. The formula for calculating the Disablement Grant is: n% Disablement x number of weeks of Disability not exceeding 365 weeks x half the assumed earnings.

If you are already in receipt of Disablement Benefit and submit a subsequent claim for Disablement arising out of a new injury for which you are assessed at 20% or more, you shall be required to be re-assessed to establish a total permanent partial disability taking into account all injuries suffered and the current Disability Benefit revised to reflect the new assessment.


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